JGC stands for Jacqui Gibson-Clark...

JGC stands for Jacqui Gibson-Clark and that's me. I am a woman and like all other women, I am many different kinds of women.

Currently, I am devoted to the cultivation of love for myself and others in such huge quantities that all forces of oppression, confusion, malice, disrespect, and unkindness dissolve in my presence.

Also, I practice and teach yoga, do business stuff and have a family.  I like doing all of those things an awful lot.

The way I experience yoga, is through a large body.  This matters because of what I have had to reconcile to find a place on my mat.  I have had to learn that I am capable of doing yoga, that I am worthy of doing yoga and that it is both medicinal for me and an act of joyful rebellion against all things that attempt to diminish my essential self.

As a yoga and teacher, I am devoted to the service of human beings by way of inviting bodies of all types to participate in yoga.  I myself have found great peace and freedom through the practice of yoga.

Yoga should be made available to anyone who seeks it.  

If you have questions for me, please reach out!