09.13.16 Fire-walking

In my Swan School letter of intention to Michelle I said that i was looking for a fire to walk through.  I wanted to experience change even without knowing what exactly what that would look like in the end.  A couple of days ago I thought to myself “how is that fire going?”  For half a second I thought, "this is no big deal”, and then i looked around my house and realized that my environment was completely reorganized and so were my thoughts.  Where there once was chaos and disconnection there is now intention.  I looked at my family and my work and saw the same.  I looked at my meditation practice and saw the same. 

I remember clearly Michelle saying in one of my earliest yoga classes, that if this feels familiar to you it is because you have done this before.  The moment I heard that I knew it to be true.  It has taken me 15 years of struggling to maintain a practice to develop the courage and focus to be here with all of you.  This union with all of you  has been the most excellent homecoming. This experience has provided a clear path to my most honest and true self.  

I am so moved by the vision of all of us taking our seats in this practice of teaching together.

Take a second and visualize all of us seated in a line together shining a bright unwavering light - blazing through the maya!  In all honesty, I don’t think the world will be the same.  It is not only our sweetly tended and polished consciousness, but our connections with one another that provide the most light to our community and this world.  I think about all of us sitting together in that bright line of light and standing and walking all over the planet in every direction while remaining bound to each other with golden strands of light illuminating everything between us.

So, now I am thinking again about what is it like to walk through this fire.   Its awakening.   Every day my dharma becomes more clear and my devotion expands.  Each day my commitment to serve and my ability to do so gets stronger.