04.02.16 Launch

Today I made thoughts public.  I spent 60 stollen minutes figuring out how to make a website then 60 more populating it with words (sorry bout it picture people).  The time with which to do this was stollen from my family.  I think they ate hot dogs and I can hear right now 30 minutes passed bedtime that things are not going exactly just right.  

But this is what it is.  This is what all moments are - a little trade off between what we need to do and what we want to do.  Sometimes what we want and what we need crash together like chocolate and peanut butter and those are the best moments.

Sometimes I write things.  Well...that isn't very honest.  I am constantly writing things. All day long I am writing things.  Sometimes, they are shareable thoughts.  Today I am went through a bunch of (unedited) work and published it.  It is a little out of order but then what is order amiright?  I found some journal entries and dharma talks from past classes and stuck them up here.  These are all thoughts that inspired me and it is my hope that they inspire someone else.